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Welcome to eDogTrainer!

About is site under ACD Services Inc. We are a small business striving to offer a quality website to pet professionals trying to manage their businesses. EDogTrainer has been online since 2002.

We are always looking to improve EDogTrainer, so send us your suggestions!

Common Questions
1) Is your data secure?
Yes. We have several layers of security. First, we use SSL 128 bit encryption. We also use a secure authorization layer and hashing of passwords in order to protect your data.

2) What if the website goes down?
Unforuntately, this does happen from time to time. We get notified immediately that the server is unresponsive. From there, the ISP is then notified. If the website is down for more than 10 minutes, we send out a notification. We have several external sites you can login to in order to not only see your data, but if need be, we can switch our DNS to the other server. This can take some time to propogate so we will only do this if the site is going to be down for an extended amount of time.

3) What is your backup system?
We have daily backups that run and export to a tape backup system. We also export our databases multiple times a day to another secure external server.

4) Where can we get support?
Please visit for support